(Ne)Vienas Vienoje / (Not) Alone in Vienna

(Ne) Vienas Vienoje / (Not) Alone in Vienna. It is a personal blog, sort of a tribute to the great city of Vienna, which I've fallen in love with and enjoy every second of being here. I will be sharing thoughts about my life and adventures here, photos, tips on what to see, do, and etc.

All photos are original and taken by me, so don't forget the copyrights.

If you have a chance, visit Vienna and contact me ;)

Schwarzenberg Park in February 2014. 

It is located in the western end of Hernals, the 17th district of Vienna, and is easily accessible either by car of by public transport (Tram No 43)  brings you directly to the gate of the park and palace (Schloss Neuwaldegg) of the-once-powerful Schwarzenberg family.

The palace is currently privately owned and rented out for a variety of private and public events.

"If the visitor comes through the neighboring woods he might not immediately get this impression. But if he enters via the grand obelisk gateway along the chestnut-lined Schwarzenbergallee and pays attention to the little details as he walks around, he might discover that this is no ordinary park. This was once Europe’s largest landscape garden."

A while ago park was left in public neglect but in late 1950s the municipal authorities redeveloped it as a recreational area. However, there still are few traces of the once idyllic garden, at some point called Garden of Eden, left. Besides the relics of the once highly maintained park - forest pathways and occasional ponds, there still stands one lonely white marble statue depicting a Greek god that once decorated the original garden. At the peak of its development, the park was dotted with such statues, but owners of the park in 1800s relocated most of them to their other estate in Chesky Krumlov, Bohemia.

Nowadays, most of the natural landscape of the park has been reclaimed by the forest of the Wienerwald and barely resembles the glory past.

Nevertheless, it is a rather popular place among Viennese people for relaxation on weekends (especially in summer) as it wields vast lawns perfect for lying down and enjoying sun. It is also liked by local residents who enjoy outdoor activities, such as jogging, walks in forests and etc.

Definitely a place worth visiting.

Votivkirche (Votive Church, name originating from the religious term “votive offering”). 

To me personally probably the most beautiful church in Vienna! The true glory of it is visible in the evening lights, during the golden hour, when the neogothic church is being basked in golden evening light and sunrays seep through its ornamented stained-glass windows.

Nevertheless, it looks glorious even on a gloomy day.

Brief history (of which you can find more on Wikipedia):

"The Votive Church (German: Votivkirche) is a neo-Gothic church located on the Ringstraße in Vienna, Austria. Following the attempted assassination of Emperor Franz Joseph in 1853, the Emperor’s brother Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian inaugurated a campaign to create a church to thank God for saving the Emperor’s life. Funds for construction were solicited from throughout the Empire. The church was dedicated in 1879 on the silver anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Empress Elisabeth."

Lots of love,

Some real life truths told by street art."High Society, Low Expectations"Street Art @ Donaukanal, Vienna, Austria.

Some real life truths told by street art.

"High Society, Low Expectations"

Street Art @ Donaukanal, Vienna, Austria.

When on the quay of Donaukanal, Vienna, Austria.

Colours of Vienna.Donaukanal, Vienna, Austria.

Colours of Vienna.

Donaukanal, Vienna, Austria.


The 25th National Elections in Austria are due on 29th of September 2013, so almost all the parties are going wild in terms of campaigning. Some of them truly believe that more is better. For me, a foreigner, a graduate of Political Sciences, this is the time of fun and lots of discussions or inquisitions (having in mind that I don’t have deep knowledge of Austrian politics). Anyhow, the visual aspect of the upcoming elections is clearly seen all over the city. It seems that at this time only political parties can advertise themselves.